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Back from the Dead: Shasta County Fountain Wind Project Could Be Approved Under New California Bill Designed To Fast Track Renewable Energy

In 2021, Shasta County officials definitively rejected the Fountain Wind mega-energy project, twice. But now a new California law may allow Texas-based ConnectGen to build the mammoth wind turbine project anyway, despite local decisions based on years of complex environmental studies, hours of testimonies, and in-depth Tribal consultations. Fountain Wind is poised to become a first test of how much the state is willing to bypass local and Tribal governments to meet its clean energy goals.

“Our Greatest Weapon Is Our Relationships”: How the Coalition to Stop Fountain Wind Overcame Partisan Divides

From Indigenous sacred site protectors and former hippies to Trump supporters and conservative Christians, an eclectic Intermountain community collaborated last year to resist the proposed $300 million Fountain Wind energy project. Several key organizers talked to Shasta Scout about what the coalition’s story means for the future of the region and alternate energy.

Underground Good: Sandi Thompson

“I’ve always been a doer. I’m just a very active person, and I’ve never been one to say, ‘Well, why don’t they do this?’ I see it and if it has to be done, I do it. I’m not a complainer. If I can do it, I’m going to do it.”

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