At Shasta Scout we believe a democratic community requires access to just and equitable news. We are a not-for-profit, independent hyper-local news group, committed to diversity in the stories we cover and in the perspectives we use to tell those stories.  We know that high quality news impacts the safety and inclusion of our community and creates room for new ways of thinking and building connections.

We're Ready to Tell the Deeper Stories:

Our market research demonstrates there's a need for an independent local news outlet in Shasta County committed to digging deeper.  You told us you want news about the Board of Supervisors and the Redding City Council, the latest on Bethel Church's involvement with City government, and stories focused on keeping law enforcement accountable and the activities of Shasta County's paramilitary groups.  You've asked us to tell you what's happening in business and education and to pay special attention to the environment.  And you want amplification of the voices and perspectives of the local indigenous and LGBTQ+ communities.  We're here for all of it. These are the stories we want to tell.

How much will this news cost?

Shasta Scout's news will always be free with no paywalls. You can read more about our funding sources here.

Who owns Shasta Scout?

Shasta Scout is applying for non-profit status and is operated by Annelise Pierce for the public good.  While the Google News Initiative Startups Lab was instrumental in our founding they have no ongoing control or owner ship over Shasta Scout.  

We are members of LION Publishers.

Equity and Inclusion:

Shasta Scout aims to reflect the diversity of the communities it serves in its staff and contributors, its editorial choices and priorities. Additionally Scout seeks to be part of repairing historical and societal inequities by prioritizing the stories and perspectives of under-represented people in ways that center their voices and enrich their communities.