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Our government accountability stories highlight information that builds a stronger democracy. We closely watch local law enforcement agencies because of concerns about local police use of force and unusually high number of deaths in custody at the county jail. We’re also monitoring specifics related to our city and county government’s use of funds and policy decisions.

In The Midst Of A City-Wide Shelter Crisis Redding Must Enforce Its Illegal Camping Ordinance Very Carefully. 

In 2021, the City of Redding declared a shelter crisis, saying the lack of local emergency housing created a threat to the safety of unhoused people. Recent efforts to keep Nur Pon Open Space clear of encampments are complicated by the risk of violating a 2018 federal court decision known as Martin v. Boise which prohibits citations for illegal camping unless there is adequate access to emergency shelter.

Latest in News: Accountability

How Did A.C.I.D. Respond To Federal Water Cuts? Key Questions, Answered. 

Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District has supplied water to irrigators in Shasta County for more than 100 years. This year, after federal cuts and local water sales, residents have been left without water. Here’s how ACID responded to federal cuts, what options they considered for the district’s remaining water allocations, and how they plan to use the $7.5 million gained by selling off the district’s remaining water.

Shasta County’s McConnell Foundation Leverages Real Estate for Philanthropy: Here’s How Much Local Land They Own

The McConnell Foundation owns more than 4,000 acres within or adjacent to Redding city limits. Shasta Scout spoke with COO Shannon Phillips to ask what policies guide the Foundation’s land acquisition and how buying and developing property fits with their overall philanthropic mission. McConnell’s goal, Phillips said, is to promote the “best and highest use” of land for the majority of local residents.

​​Resner Calls On Redding Council To Transparently Discuss Illegal Bechelli Land Sale

Erin Resner, who was among four council members who voted for the illegal land sale in 2020, said that the public deserves more transparency from the council about the land sale. Her comments led to heated discussions about timing and transparency between multiple council members that ended with a decision to bring the issue back for formal consideration on a future council agenda.

Struggling To Survive Without Water? Shasta County Announces Grant Update To Help With Water Deliveries.

As residents of the county’s A.C.I.D. service area fight to survive the lack of water in their district the county has released updated eligibility guidelines for county administration of state drought relief funds. Residents with a larger range of incomes are now eligible for home water delivery services for up to two years.

In Shasta County, Some Residents Of A.C.I.D Face Devastating Consequences From Federal Water Cutbacks

This year, after the federal government severely reduced water allocations to the Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District (A.C.I.D.), the board of A.C.I.D. sold off the rest of the district’s allocated water, saying it would not travel far enough through the system to benefit residents. The board appears to be still holding the $7.5 million in revenue from those water sales. Meanwhile, some residents of A.C.I.D. are struggling to access enough water for their daily living needs. They’re confused, angry, and wondering where to find help to survive.

COVID Transmission Rates In the Red Signal Risk to Shasta County’s Vulnerable

Despite transmission rates that have almost quadrupled over the last month, Shasta County is still considered low-risk according to relatively new metrics, because new cases haven’t yet significantly affected hospitalizations or hospital capacity. High transmission rates are most dangerous to the vulnerable. Here’s what you should know about how you can help reduce risk in Shasta County right now.

Unofficial Primary Results Show Shasta County Choosing Incumbents Over Anti-Establishment Political Newcomers

Some of the experienced incumbent candidates have over 50% of the primary vote so far, numbers which would allow them to claim final victory without a runoff in November. Last night’s unofficial results appear to indicate Shasta County’s overall opposition to what some call constitutional candidates, political newcomers who challenged more politically experienced candidates in every local race.

Dacquisto Cast Lone Dissenting Vote Against Redding’s Secretive Bechelli Land Sale. Here’s What He Has To Say Now.

A civil lawsuit filed against the City of Redding by the Redding Rancheria was decided in the Tribe’s favor last week. That case relates to a small parcel of land that provides important road access for the site of the Rancheria’s proposed casino development. Back in 2020, Michael Dacquisto was the only city council member who voted against vacating, declaring surplus and selling the land. He spoke to Shasta Scout over the weekend about what drove his decision then, and how he sees things now.

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