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Our community news coverage focuses on information the community can use including community meeting updates, and funding opportunities. We also highlight civil rights issues, and stories that affect women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community and we share important stories about local non-profits and the arts.  We are committed to covering communities and projects that have been historically under-represented by the media.

Latest in Community News

Emergency Drought Relief For Family Farms Could Help Some in the Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District

Federal cuts and local water sales have left farmers in Shasta County’s Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District without water this year. As fields have gone brown and dead, many small family farmers have sold off livestock they are no longer able to feed. The Community Alliance with Family Farmers says they hope their small emergency grants are enough to help some farmers survive.

“This is How I’m Choosing to Celebrate:” More Than 100 Shasta County Locals Protest For Freedom on America’s Independence Day

Celebrating American freedom seems “ironic and condescending” in light of recent Supreme Court decisions, one activist said. The protest in support of human rights was organized by a local seventeen-year-old, Kamryn Mabee, and popularized by the newly formed Shasta Abortion Coalition. Attendees included a wide variety of ages and ethnicities and a mix of genders. This is the sixth local protest for reproductive rights in the ten days since Roe v. Wade was overturned.

With Final Shasta County Election Results In, Supervisors For Districts 1 and 5 Won’t Be Decided Until The Fall

The contentious nature of the local election did not appear to have any effect on voter turnout, which was almost identical to that in the last primary in 2018. For many races, candidates emerged with clear victories, but the top two candidates for supervisor of both District 1 and District 5 must compete again in the fall.

Looking to Reduce Wildfire Risk, Redding Seeks Community Insight

Community feedback through workshops, a survey, and public comment at city meetings will help the city evaluate how to use Redding-specific recommendations provided by grant-funded national wildfire prevention specialists. New development, building, zoning, and fire codes would emphasize the individual responsibility of community landowners to care for their properties in ways that reduce wildfire risk for the broader community.

Hundreds of Shasta County Locals Participated in Clinical Trials That Helped Authorize COVID Vaccines

A representative of Paradigm Research Clinic said the local for-profit clinical research company conducted COVID vaccine trials for Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson beginning in August 2020. Paradigm is one of hundreds of clinical research organizations across the country that provided medical research in cooperation with the FDA, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and vaccine manufacturers as part of the “warp speed” rollout of COVID vaccines.

Anti-Abortion Activists Train To More Aggressively Intervene at Local Women’s Clinic

The only Shasta County clinic that provides women with access to surgical abortions was used as a training ground to equip anti-abortion activists for more aggressive interventions to dissuade women from accessing abortions. Local women organizing under the newly-formed Shasta Abortion Coalition say they are prepared to defend women’s right to abortion as clinic defenders, advocates, and escorts.

“This Is a Misuse of the Pledge”: In Shasta County, Political Candidates Challenge League of Women Voters Forum Tradition

Invoking “patriotism,” county candidates for the positions of superintendent of schools, elections clerk, and county supervisor called on participants at multiple forums to stand and pledge, despite the League’s policy of not doing so. One candidate also released disinformation about his incumbent opponent’s response. The events appear to some to have weaponized the pledge as part of a political agenda.

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