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Our community news coverage focuses on information the community can use including community meeting updates, and funding opportunities. We also highlight civil rights issues, and stories that affect women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community and we share important stories about local non-profits and the arts.  We are committed to covering communities and projects that have been historically under-represented by the media.

Sign that saying MISSING, Sherri Papini with description, photo of blond woman in pink shirt and contact number for Sheriff

Sherri Papini May have Lied About Her Kidnapping But Research Shows Most Women Tell the Truth about Sexual Assault

News broke recently that Redding’s Sherri Papini, who went missing for 22 days in 2016, is accused of faking her kidnapping, repeatedly lying about it to investigators, and taking over $30,000 in victim compensation for a crime that never occurred. Those allegations, if true, make Papini an outlier in a sea of research that documents women’s high risk of assault, their hesitancy to report it, and how often they tell the truth.

Latest in Community News

Shasta County’s Disease Detectives And the Fight Against COVID-19

Over the early months of 2022, Shasta County’s COVID-19 positivity rate soared as the Omicron variant spread. For county epidemiologists it was yet another leg of what has been a multi-year sprint to keep up with an unpredictable and deadly virus. Shasta Scout went inside Public Health to learn more about the disease detectives whose quiet diligence is slowing COVID’s spread.

Redding Chamber Pivots To Dissolve Political Action Committee Amidst Tense Political Climate

As the county votes on whether to recall a local supervisor, Redding’s Chamber announced a decision to end all endorsements and donations to political candidates. They’ve faced scrutiny for funding a group opposing the supervisor recall after being chosen by the county to distribute $4 million in federal COVID-relief funding to local county businesses.

“Our Greatest Weapon Is Our Relationships”: How the Coalition to Stop Fountain Wind Overcame Partisan Divides

From Indigenous sacred site protectors and former hippies to Trump supporters and conservative Christians, an eclectic Intermountain community collaborated last year to resist the proposed $300 million Fountain Wind energy project. Several key organizers talked to Shasta Scout about what the coalition’s story means for the future of the region and alternate energy.

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