Our Mistakes

At Shasta Scout we are deeply committed to accuracy and transparency in the news process. But, like all humans, we do make errors. Our policies require us to document our mistakes in order to increase transparency, inform the public and hold our organization and reporters accountable. You can find our full corrections process here.

Below, please find an archive documenting important factual errors we have previously made in the course of our reporting. We hope this commitment to self-accountability increases your ability to trust the news that Shasta Scout produces.

  • 2.23.2022 – Shasta County’s Disease Detectives and the Fight Against COVID-19 – A reader commented on Facebook to make us aware of narrative in our article that did not match the data table we had provided in the article. We had incorrectly cited Shasta County’s death rate next to a table that correctly indicated the death rate. We have corrected the narrative portion of the article to match the data table and placed a correction notice.

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