Bethel Church

Bethel Church is a local megachurch with approximately 10,000 attendees, multiple schools, a $60 million budget, and national and international influence through Bethel TV, Bethel Music, and Bethel Media.  They espouse a 7 Mountains Mandate theology which advocates that believers should take dominion over society in the name of Jesus. Our coverage of Bethel Church focuses on providing readers with transparent information about Bethel's practices and politics.  We closely watch Bethel's effects on Redding's governmental, housing, economic, educational and social sectors.

Bethel Claims Miracles. What Proof Do They Have?

Stories of healings at Redding’s Bethel Church draw faith-filled visitors each year. But Bethel has not yet provided proof of a single medically verified miracle. Shasta Scout discusses the medical research organization hoping to change that, and how faith tourism contributes to Bethel’s revenue.

Latest in Bethel Church

Bethel Shares Statement Opposing the Equality Act

“The Equality Act seeks to create equality by erasing gender, but God created them male and female and said that it is good,” reads one slide, with four accompanying Bible verse references. Another reads, “real equality celebrates the differences between men and women and empowers them both.”

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