Temple Beth Israel Responds To Local Antisemitism

“Faith leaders, parishioners, atheists, and total strangers, have expressed their indignation that this kind of hate was left on their doorsteps, and distributed in our community. Instead of feeling isolated, we feel wrapped in the warmth and kindness of strangers.”

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Open Notebooks: Here’s How I’m Seeking To Balance My Abortion Coverage.

Our Open Notebook series offer our readers a behind-the-scenes look at how our journalists work. In this Notebook entry, Annelise Pierce shares how her personal history informs her approach to abortion stories, what that coverage costs her emotionally, and how she defines “balance” when it comes to this complex and polarizing topic.

Emergency Drought Relief For Family Farms Could Help Some in the Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District

Federal cuts and local water sales have left farmers in Shasta County’s Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District without water this year. As fields have gone brown and dead, many small family farmers have sold off livestock they are no longer able to feed. The Community Alliance with Family Farmers says they hope their small emergency grants are enough to help some farmers survive.

Opinion: Local Tribe’s Prayer Journey Creates Community that Cares for Rivers, Salmon, and Each Other 

“When we stop in this place we pray ‘Come this way.’ We pray and we sing, remembering that first time at the confluence, when the runners arrived in the dark, stars sparkling on the river. We could only hear the lapping of the water against the shore. And then in the hushed darkness, up and down the river where we stood lining up on the shore, all the songs started being sung.”

Opinion: Extreme Heat Presents Real Threat To Those Living Without Shelter. Shasta County, and Redding, Should Help, Not Harm

Local community group, Shasta County Mutual Aid, describes how excessive heat and lack of accessible shelter and cooling are impacting community members. They fear that the city’s newly planned “sweeps” of the unhoused living within the Nur Pon Open Space will exacerbate the current crisis and worsen the danger to life and health.

“How About We ‘Take The Land’ and ‘Bring Heaven to Earth’”: Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Dahle Hopes Mobilizing The Religious Right Will Help Him Win California

A recent conversation Dahle had on controversial worship leader and political activist Sean Feucht’s podcast highlights the collaborative political strategizing that is occurring between America’s dominionist Christian leaders and conservative politicians. Together, Dahle and Feucht are pushing hard for more Christian influence on California policy.

​​Resner Calls On Redding Council To Transparently Discuss Illegal Bechelli Land Sale

Erin Resner, who was among four council members who voted for the illegal land sale in 2020, said that the public deserves more transparency from the council about the land sale. Her comments led to heated discussions about timing and transparency between multiple council members that ended with a decision to bring the issue back for formal consideration on a future council agenda.

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