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We welcome opportunities to be in communication with our audience.  Your ideas, tips, and insights often lead to future stories. Your feedback and comments help us refine our voice and perspectives.

Here’s how best to contact us.


You can submit your story ideas or tips by selecting “Your story ideas or tips”, or general feedback about our stories or our site by selecting “General Feedback” from the form. We promise to never reveal anything you share by email without your express permission.

Please keep in mind that emails are like postcards – they can be read by anyone as they move from sender to recipient. If you are concerned about the confidentiality of what you send us, please see the Confidential Communications section below.

Text Messaging

You can also contact us by text message at 530-276-8778, As with email, text messages can potentially be viewed in-transit by anyone.

Confidential Communications

It’s unlikely that anyone will intercept emails or text messages you send us, but if you want to send us information that can’t be viewed in-transit, you may use either:

  • Proton Mail: Please send to [email protected]. You will need your own Proton Mail account to do that, but it’s easy to set one up. You can email from a browser or from an iPhone or Android app.
  • Signal: Use the Signal app, available for both mobile and desktop, to securely message us at 530-276-8778. With the Signal service, messages disappear after they have been viewed.

Snail mail

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