Correcting Our Mistakes

Accuracy is fundamentally important to the mission of Shasta Scout. Without trustworthy news sources, democracy declines. We work carefully and thoroughly to check our facts prior to publishing. When we (inevitably) make mistakes, we’re committed to quickly and transparently correcting those mistakes and informing our readers about the correction. 

Here’s what to expect in our corrections process:

  • We provide readers with the opportunity to submit a correction at the bottom of each article we publish.
  • Significant corrections, such as factual errors that significantly affect the meaning of the article or someone or something we have reported on, will be immediately corrected. A date and time stamp and notice will be placed at the top of the article in italics. In these cases we will add the mistake to an archive of mistakes listed on our site in order to increase transparency, inform the public and hold our organization and reporters accountable.
  • Moderate corrections that include changes to name spellings, dates, times, or factual information in the article that might influence the reader’s understanding of the piece will be immediately corrected with a similar notice placed at the top of the article.
  • Minor corrections such as minor misspellings, typographical or grammatical errors or other minimal changes to information in the article that are unlikely to influence the reader’s understanding will be immediately corrected but will not be noted as a correction.

If you have concerns, comments, or other feedback about our policy, please reach out to us at [email protected] You can submit corrections here.

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