Our news coverage of Shasta County is centered around the topics and stories most important to shaping our community.  We currently focus on Bethel Church, the Climate Emergency, the “Patriot Movement”, Government Accountability and Indigenous Affairs.

Emergency Drought Relief For Family Farms Could Help Some in the Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District

Federal cuts and local water sales have left farmers in Shasta County’s Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District without water this year. As fields have gone brown and dead, many small family farmers have sold off livestock they are no longer able to feed. The Community Alliance with Family Farmers says they hope their small emergency grants are enough to help some farmers survive.

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​​Resner Calls On Redding Council To Transparently Discuss Illegal Bechelli Land Sale

Erin Resner, who was among four council members who voted for the illegal land sale in 2020, said that the public deserves more transparency from the council about the land sale. Her comments led to heated discussions about timing and transparency between multiple council members that ended with a decision to bring the issue back for formal consideration on a future council agenda.

Redding Rancheria’s Third Annual Big Time Restores a Healing Cultural Practice For Locals

More than 1500 people attended the Redding Rancheria’s recent Big Time which provided an opportunity for local Native and non-Native community members to socialize and experience traditional dances. For thousands of years, Big Time gatherings have been essential to cement relations among tribal neighbors as well as to pray for harmony and healing. But Big Times have long been absent locally due to Shasta County’s history of violent persecution of Indigenous cultures.

Struggling To Survive Without Water? Shasta County Announces Grant Update To Help With Water Deliveries.

As residents of the county’s A.C.I.D. service area fight to survive the lack of water in their district the county has released updated eligibility guidelines for county administration of state drought relief funds. Residents with a larger range of incomes are now eligible for home water delivery services for up to two years.

In Shasta County, Some Residents Of A.C.I.D Face Devastating Consequences From Federal Water Cutbacks

This year, after the federal government severely reduced water allocations to the Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District (A.C.I.D.), the board of A.C.I.D. sold off the rest of the district’s allocated water, saying it would not travel far enough through the system to benefit residents. The board appears to be still holding the $7.5 million in revenue from those water sales. Meanwhile, some residents of A.C.I.D. are struggling to access enough water for their daily living needs. They’re confused, angry, and wondering where to find help to survive.

“We’re Praying That They Remember These Waters”: Supported By Tribal Ceremony, Salmon Eggs Return To The McCloud River After 80 Year Absence

On July 11 the Winnemem Wintu Tribe danced, sang and prayed for 20,000 endangered salmon eggs as they were returned to the McCloud River. The action is part of new collaboration with government agencies and represented a watershed moment for the Tribe. Hot Sacramento River temperatures threaten winter-run Chinook, but government scientists hope acclimating the eggs to the glacial waters of the McCloud River, their ancestral home, will help them survive.

The Pit River Tribe’s History of Daring Activism Will Be Brought To Life in Locally-Produced Documentary

With a focus on promoting community-wide healing, Sky Scholfield, a Shasta College graduate and tribal member, is shooting a documentary about the Pit River Tribe, whose ancestral lands span eastern Shasta and Modoc Counties. The film will explore the Pit River people’s occupations of PGE and national forest lands during the 60s and 70s and as well as their contemporary efforts to reclaim lands and cultural practices.

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