Community Guidelines

We deeply value the experiences and insights of our audience. We’re intent on making Shasta Scout not just a news source but a community hub –  a place where you participate and engage and where we provide access to vibrant and inclusive dialogue.  We want each community space we build, online or off, to allow the community and our news media team to pool knowledge, explore ideas, ask questions, challenge the status quo and engage in productive conversation that inspires useful change. 

We welcome debate as a healthy part of an engaged, growing community.  But we also know that the most constructive dialogue happens where there’s respect and goodwill. 

That’s why, if you post to Shasta Scout’s channels 

  • Comments should be focused on the idea or topic being discussed. 
  • Stay focused on content and ideas rather than people.
  • Build upon each other’s ideas with respect.
  • We will not allow: personal attacks; insults or slurs; defamatory comments; hate speech; threats or harassment; or discriminatory comments that expose an individual or a group to hatred on the basis of religion, race, nationality or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or disability.
  • We don’t allow ads or related content.
  • We will not tolerate personal disclosures of other’s information or threats to do so.

Consequences of not respecting these guidelines

We reserve the right to hide or delete comments that breach these guidelines. Those who repeatedly breach guidelines may be blocked from engaging with the community on our website and/or social channels. 

Reach out if needed

We hope you will be part of building respectful and constructive spaces that are welcoming to a variety of views and experiences. As part of our community, you’re an essential component to building healthy communication and defusing hostility.  

That said, we welcome you to reach out to us if you notice debates on our site and/or channels that are more toxic than productive. Feel free to message us at any time. 

We view these guidelines as an ever-evolving document and welcome your feedback and suggestions for how we can improve the health of our social communities at Shasta Scout.  Reach out to Annelise Pierce at any time with suggestions, questions or concerns. 

*updated 10/6/2021

*our gratitude to The Discourse whose comments policy served as a guideline for our own.

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