Inside Public Service

Inside Public Service is an Opinion column by Irene Salter focused on providing a window into the workings of Shasta County government, at a human level. Learn more about the series here.

Inside Public Service: From Playing It Small To Learning To Play Big

In this Opinion column, neuroscientist Dr. Irene Salter gives us a glimpse of the inner world of an anonymous public servant who feels like her days are often wasted on a million unimportant tasks. Salter coaches her to trade in day-to-day control for greater peace of mind in a process that will shift her systems and identity to allow her to stop playing small and start playing big.

Opinion: How To Play A Long Game

An anonymous Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency employee says she’s struggled to feel successful in her work after being unable to implement her vision for change. In response, Salter explains the difference between finite and infinite games and how that informs our view of success, long-term.

Opinion: Behind the Scenes With A Shasta County School Board Member

In this Opinion column, Salter provides a window into the world of an anonymous Shasta County school board member who says she’s struggled to balance the sometimes-competing interests of parents, teachers, students, and the State since COVID began. In the process, Salter helps us all examine how to make values-based decisions that take all perspectives into account.

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