Members Wall

Our members are our partners – standing with us to reveal the true stories of Shasta County.

Shasta Scout is committed to working with, and for, our community to source and share solutions-oriented news.

We know that watchdog reporting that holds powerful institutions and individuals accountable builds stronger communities and a stronger democracy.

Join us and add your name to our growing community of civically-engaged locals.

No member, advertiser or sponsor of Shasta Scout is given the opportunity to influence the news. Learn more about our founding principles and ethics.

Founding Members:

Some donors have chosen not to share their names publicly. We know their names and we are grateful.

If we have inadvertently left you off our Members wall, please let us know!

  • Aly Evirs
  • Jim Cowee
  • Cinnamon Kern
  • Julie Driver
  • Julie York
  • Kathryn McDonald
  • Kris Hegland
  • Linda Feldman
  • Luis Mende
  • Peggy Rebol
  • Penelope Harris
  • Rose Smith
  • Vicki Richardson
  • Sandra Miller
  • Shelly Hutchinson
  • Ted Couch
  • Alan Ernesto Phillips
  • Kris Bertelson-William
  • Krystal Davis
  • Robert Castner
  • Rusty Shackleford
  • Sarah Casia
  • Michelle Weidman
  • L Shaw
  • Sheila Hutchinson
  • John Whittenberger
  • Sarah Fielding and Will Paisley
  • Bob Moore
  • Johanna Anderson
  • Laurie O’Connell
  • Rosemary Smith
  • Jay Thompson
  • Beverly Stafford
  • Candace Constans-Corbin
  • Janette Brockmann
  • Rod Mattison
  • Judith Salter
  • Bill and Sue Keller
  • Miki’ala Catalfano
  • Jessica Abbe
  • Jessica Rhone
  • Sandra Taylor
  • Alexandra Stephens
  • Ron Smith
  • Jon Gumm
  • Chip Warren
  • Seabrook Leaf
  • Janet Williams
  • Jackie LaBarbera
  • Ron Taylor
  • Catherine Camp
  • Lauren Peters
  • Eric Day
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Aaron Dobson
  • David Ledger
  • Linda Kehoe
  • Kimberley Jensen
  • John Winchell
  • Julita Harmon
  • Stephen Rooklidge
  • Ripley Wolf
  • Alysia Krapfel
  • Craig Tappen
  • Alison Flanagan
  • Doug Craig
  • Bill Jostock
  • Shirly Flynn
  • Kayla Colburn
  • Brandi Greene
  • Nancy Dadigan
  • John Livingston
  • Barbara Diamond
  • Demetra I Kristensen

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