Meet Alex Shea For City Council

There are three seats open for this November’s election for Redding City Council. Candidate Alex Shea says he’s running to build the local economy and leave a legacy for his daughters.

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Meet Ian Hill For Redding City Council

There are three seats open for this November’s election for Redding City Council. Candidate Ian Hill says he’s running to to shine a spotlight on city needs and bring together resources and people to act on what’s important.

Meet James Crockett for Redding City Council

There are three seats open for this November’s election for Redding City Council. Candidate James Crockett says he’s running to ensure that Bethel Church won’t hold a majority on the Council.

Building Shasta Dam Flooded Out A California Tribe. Why Are They Still Not Included in the Dam’s History?

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which operates Shasta Dam, uses its Visitor Center to share a comprehensive history of the Dam’s construction and purpose. What that history omits is any mention of the Winnemem Wintu, a local Tribe that was flooded out of their homes along the McCloud River when the Dam was built. Leaving the Tribe out of the Visitor Center’s official narrative is intentional, scholars and Tribal members say, because it helps deny legal claims to their ancestral waters and lands now. In recent years, the Visitor Center has become the center of ongoing tensions over how the Dam’s history is told.

Editorial: We Build Democracy By Telling The Truth About Power, Our Diverse Community and Ourselves

We’re producing strong, independent journalism that holds the powerful accountable and centers the stories of diverse community members. We know the strength of our American democracy depends not only on providing in-depth, accurate information, but also on ensuring our community seeks out and trusts the news we share.

Court Rules Redding Must Undo Illegal Bechelli Land Sale But Won’t Be Required To Pay Tribe’s Legal Fees

The city sold a small parcel of land in 2020, effectively blocking the Redding Rancheria’s access to a piece of land they plan to use for casino development. The Tribe sued and on Monday the court issued a final ruling saying that the city must revoke its earlier land sale but will not be required to pay the Tribe’s legal fees.

Sheriff’s Office Provides Little Response To New Distribution of Antisemitic Materials In City Of Shasta Lake

A resident reporting a recent distribution of antisemitic literature in the City of Shasta Lake says her initial call to law enforcement about the incident was met with verbal dismissal. Documentation indicates the Sheriff’s Office did follow up on the report later, but no public communication about the incident has been released. Hate incidents can be pre-cursors to hate crimes, Alan Phillips of the Hate Crimes Task Force said, and should always be reported and taken seriously by law enforcement.

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