A Master Plan By Any Other Name: “MIG/Populous” Hopes To Facilitate Redding’s Riverfront Redesign At A Taxpayer Cost Of $1.2 Million

Almost a year ago, Redding’s City Council voted to place riverfront development decisions back into the hands of the people through a city-led planning process. Now City staff are asking the Council to choose a “firm” referred to as “MIG/Populous” to manage the Riverfront Plan update.

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Gateway’s School Board Is Looking For New Legal Representation: Here’s Who They Have in Mind

At a newly-scheduled February 3 Special meeting the Board will interview legal services providers and consider approving a legal services contract. Among those being considered is Tracy Henderson, founder of California Parents United and the California Parents Union.

Trust Is Central To Public Safety: Shasta Equal Justice Coalition Responds To Violent RPD Arrest

The local advocacy group says law enforcement should fully investigate the nature of the arrest as a whole in a process that offers full and transparent information to the public, including the names of the police officers involved.

Shasta County News In Brief: Concerns About RPD Violence And A Brief History of Shasta County Voting Processes

Police Chief Bill Schueller placed an officer on paid leave after a concerning community video surfaced. And Shasta County’s top election official, Cathy Darling Allen, responds to Shasta County Supervisor Patrick Jones on the history of Shasta County Voting.

Opinion: How To Play A Long Game

An anonymous Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency employee says she’s struggled to feel successful in her work after being unable to implement her vision for change. In response, Salter explains the difference between finite and infinite games and how that informs our view of success, long-term.

Breaking: Gateway Email Documenting Signed District Board Contract With Caples Emerges

The missive, sent from the District’s Acting Superintendent to the Gateway Board indicates that Board President Cheryll Clifford had already signed a contract with Brian Caples on December 30.

“This Is About Restoring Trust”: Supervisors Vote To End Shasta County’s Use of Dominion Voting Machines 

Shasta County Supervisors didn’t look at data before deciding to terminate the county’s contract with Dominion. Instead they based the decision, which will reportedly cost the County at least $1 million, on perceptions of community trust.

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