Annelise Pierce: Founder and News Journalist – Shasta Scout

Annelise Pierce: Founder and News Journalist

Annelise Pierce: Founder and News Journalist

Hi! I’m Annelise Pierce, the solopreneur behind Shasta Scout.

I’m a self-taught journalist who began writing news and opinion pieces for A News Cafe after two years of investigating and reporting with the Shasta Country Grand Jury convinced me that the public needs access to more complex and diverse local news stories. (Side bar: Did you know that only about half of college-educated journalists hold journalism or communication degrees? Writing stories for the public isn’t rocket science but it does require a deep commitment to accuracy and fairness.)

In the fall of 2020, I applied to the Google News Initiatives Startup Lab Bootcamp and was chosen to be part of a mentoring program designed to help emerging hyper-local news initiatives succeed.  My goal?  Increasing access to diverse and complex news in Shasta County.  I continue to receive mentoring and guidance through the Google News Initiative and their partner, LION publishers.

I hold an Associates Degree in Nutrition, a Bachelors degree in Management and I am a nationally certified EMT.  Originally from the metro D.C. area, I married a career Navy officer. After a number of domestic moves and two bio children, I moved with my family to Eastern Africa for four years to help with development work in one of the most rural regions of Uganda.

Ten years ago we came to Redding for a brief respite from development work after hearing about Bethel Church.  We have since left the church but have stayed in the area for many reasons, most notably the stability of our family. We are thrilled to have welcomed two more children into our lives through international adoption from China.