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Hi there,

My name is Annelise Pierce.

I’m the founder and lead reporter for Shasta Scout, a newly emerging civic news organization in Shasta County.  I started Shasta Scout after two years on the Shasta County Grand Jury highlighted to me how much our community needs in-depth, investigative journalism to reveal what’s really happening in our region. 

At Shasta Scout, we’re focused on proactive news, not reactive news. We want to help readers understand the big picture of what’s happening locally so that the daily breaking news stories make more sense. But most of all, we aim to return power to the people by using journalism to inform our community so that each of us is prepared to actively participate in building a stronger, healthier democracy. 

By scouting out the truth using data, documentation and analysis, we’re just beginning to hold the powerful accountable.

Over the last few months, Shasta Scout has grown from an idea to an organization. We’re a newly registered non-profit in California that’s already attracted the interest of regional media groups and community organizers. Across our country, local news is dying because the old models aren’t working anymore.  That’s why we’re learning from innovative news practices to develop something better: an organization driven by the public good, not profit, and dedicated to new ways of informing the public. 

If this is your first time reading Shasta Scout, welcome! To celebrate the work we’ve done so far, I have compiled a few of our favorite articles to show you the value that strong journalism can bring to our community. Enjoy!

And thanks for being here!

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