Heather Wylie: Op-Ed Columnist

Heather Wylie: Op-Ed Columnist

Heather Wylie grew up in the Redding area. After graduating from Central Valley High School, she attended UC Santa Barbara and double majored in Cultural Anthropology and Women’s Studies. As an AmeriCorps volunteer for two years, she worked with youth on probation in San Luis Obispo county. This inspired her to pursue her doctorate in Sociology at UC Davis. Her interests included the sociology of medicine, gender/sexuality, media, social stratification, and race/ethnicity.

She has had the honor of teaching sociology at Shasta College since 2006. Her  courses including the introduction to sociology (SOC 1), the sociology of social problems (SOC 2), the sociology of minorities (SOC 25), the sociology of gender (SOC 30), the sociology of mass media (SOC 15) and sociology internships (SOC 94).

Sociology – the study of social behavior – provides an incredible opportunity to learn from one another, explore topics in new and challenging ways, and ultimately, empower our respective communities. Shasta Scout provides an important platform for discussing the challenges facing our community through a sociological lens.

You can contact Heather at [email protected].

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