Marc Dadigan: Associate Editor & Journalist

Marc Dadigan is a freelance writer and editor. He holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Illinois, a Master’s in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Oregon, and is currently a second-year PhD student in Native American Studies and Human Rights at UC-Davis.

For more than a decade, Marc has worked as a journalist, writer and photographer with Indigenous communities in what is now known as Northern California. He has served as the main California correspondent for Indian Country Today and as a founding editor for Pollen Nation magazine, an independent news site that covers Indigenous issues in North America.  His journalistic writing has been published in Reveal, Yes! Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, High Country News, and Indian Country Today.

From 2011-2019 Marc was employed by Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency. In that role, he managed the Stand Against Stigma campaign, a grassroots effort to fight stigma and discrimination associated with mental health and substance use challenges.

Marc has also worked with Indigenous communities to produce collaboratively written theater productions that address genocide denial and educate the general public about Indigenous philosophies and knowledge systems.

His dissertation will focus on historicizing the genocidal impacts of California’s mega-dams and extractive water projects on Indigenous communities in the 20th century and examining how that history informs modern-day Indigenous resistance movements to protect ancestral watersheds and fisheries.

You can contact Marc at [email protected].

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