Here’s Who’s Running For Shasta County’s Board of Education

There are two contested seats on the Shasta County Board of Education this fall. The SCOE board race is one more place where Shasta County voters will choose between stable and familiar county leaders and challengers who indicate interest in disrupting current systems.

11/3/22 11:08, Our story has been updated to include a new image – 11/3/22 1:50 pm, We have corrected the date of Gorman’s podcast appearance and a misspelling of his first name. – 11/3/22 2:52 pm, We have corrected the name of a school district.

There are thirty-one school districts with offices up for election in Shasta County this year, but only the Shasta County Board of Education election will affect every Shasta County student and family. While individual school districts such as Columbia, or Shasta Union High School make decisions about local school policy and practices, the Shasta County Board of Education is focused on something different and unique, ensuring the viability of educational resources and access throughout the county and serving as a liaison between the state government and local schools. 

Seven Board of Education Trustees represent two areas within Shasta County. Trustee areas are determined by the population in districts with elementary schools. Two of the Area 2 board seats are contested this year.

Here’s Who’s Running:

The November 8 election pits incumbents Steve MacFarland and Rhonda Hull against previously recalled council member Dolores Lucero, and political newcomers Authur Gorman and Richard Gallardo. Lucero, Gorman, and Gallardo have been outspoken opponents of county decisions during the pandemic and were vocal proponents of the successful recall of former Shasta County Supervisor Leonard Moty. 

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Richard Gallardo:

Candidate Richard Gallardo sought to conduct a citizen’s arrest of all five county supervisors at a 2020 county board meeting. In a 2020 post on his Facebook page, he described himself as the Comm Unit Leader for a local self-described militia. Gallardo confirmed that he is a member of what he described as a “legal citizen militia” by email earlier this week.

A screenshot of a public Facebook post from September 19, 2020.

What Gallardo hopes to accomplish at SCOE:

“Too many to list but, in short, realign SCOE with its legal mandates, eliminate redundant and overlapping programs, move services and responsibilities back to the local school board levels. Eliminate and/or reduce bloated positions and salaries (how about a Senior Nutritionist that makes $114,000 per year salary alone, and overseas [sic] only 175 kids?). SCOE has over 365 FT employees (and another approx. 50 PT) for only 175 students. Does that sound fiscally prudent?”

Gallardo’s official candidate statement.

Gallardo’s responses to Scout’s candidate questions.

Authur Gorman:

Candidate Authur Gorman helped coordinate a county-wide school walkout last year in response to concerns about COVID vaccine mandates. On the August 29th edition of the Jefferson State of Mine podcast, Gorman proposed bringing the National Rifle Association’s Shield program into local schools, even though California doesn’t allow NRA programs as part of public education. He also supports having the Sheriff enforce mandated counseling for students with high ACE scores and behavioral issues. 

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What Gorman says he hopes to accomplish at SCOE:

“As an elected board member, it will be my duty to be a leader in educational excellence, ensuring we offer the support our schools and communities need in Shasta County.  Our students will receive a quality education, preparing them for college or for a successful vocational or technical career.”  

Rhonda Hull

Incumbent Rhonda Hull has been a SCOE board member for 15 years and has also served on the boards of Black Butte Union Elementary School District (9 years) and the Shasta Union High School District Bond Oversight Committee (4 years.)

What Hull says she hopes to accomplish at SCOE:

“It is my endeavor to continue working with our governing board members to continue giving our community our best efforts in achieving student success at every level.”

Dolores Lucero

Candidate Dolores Lucero is also running for the City of Shasta Lake Council. She was recalled from that position in 2012 and convicted of felony election fraud in 2014.

Lucero did not provide an answer to what she hopes to accomplish at SCOE.

  • Lucero does not have an official candidate statement.
  • Lucero has not responded to Scout’s candidate questions.

Steve MacFarland

Incumbent Steve MacFarland has served for 25 years on the board of SCOE and also serves on the Shasta County Juvenile Justice Commission. Until his retirement, he was employed by Remi Vista Inc. working with at-risk youth.

What MacFarland says he hopes to accomplish at SCOE:

“I want to continue to bring common sense, reason and decorum to our Board meetings. I also want to continue to be the “unofficial historian” for the Board, as I have served under 4 Superintendents in my tenure with SCOE.”

You can learn more about the role of the Shasta County Board of Education here. We’ve provided more information about Shasta County elections here. Do you have a correction to this story? Submit it here.

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