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Our government accountability stories highlight information that builds a stronger democracy. We closely watch local law enforcement agencies because of concerns about local police use of force and unusually high number of deaths in custody at the county jail. We’re also monitoring specifics related to our city and county government’s use of funds and policy decisions.

Barriers Abound For City-Funded “Low Barrier” Emergency Shelter Beds

No Boundaries Transitional Housing is now receiving almost $300,000 from the city of Redding to fund 76 emergency beds with case management services over a six-month period. The city says the program is part of initiatives to create low-barrier shelter options for those who are difficult to house. But while barriers to enter the No Boundaries housing program may be low, barriers to maintaining placement on site are significant.

Latest in News: Accountability

“We Had No Choice”: A.C.I.D. Agreed To Water Cuts During Negotiations with Federal Officials

Court documents and interviews with government officials indicate that the federal water cuts that have caused devastation within the Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District (A.C.I.D.) weren’t a breach of the water district’s senior water rights contract. Instead, A.C.I.D. and other water contractors negotiated and agreed to the reduction in water allocations as part of an interagency effort to protect endangered salmon during California’s historic drought.

Federal Project Managers Halt Redding-Area Construction Threatening Ancestral Village Site

Construction on a Sacramento River trail expansion south of Redding was halted after Wintu officials investigated at the site and found that construction had exposed cultural items and was occurring close to burial sites. After weeks of negotiations with federal and city project managers, Wintu people have secured a culturing monitoring contract with the Federal Highway Administration to help protect their ancestors’ village during the trail expansion.

Court Rules Redding Must Undo Illegal Bechelli Land Sale But Won’t Be Required To Pay Tribe’s Legal Fees

The city sold a small parcel of land in 2020, effectively blocking the Redding Rancheria’s access to a piece of land they plan to use for casino development. The Tribe sued and on Monday the court issued a final ruling saying that the city must revoke its earlier land sale but will not be required to pay the Tribe’s legal fees.

Sheriff’s Office Provides Little Response To New Distribution of Antisemitic Materials In City Of Shasta Lake

A resident reporting a recent distribution of antisemitic literature in the City of Shasta Lake says her initial call to law enforcement about the incident was met with verbal dismissal. Documentation indicates the Sheriff’s Office did follow up on the report later, but no public communication about the incident has been released. Hate incidents can be pre-cursors to hate crimes, Alan Phillips of the Hate Crimes Task Force said, and should always be reported and taken seriously by law enforcement.

A.C.I.D. Board Offers “Consultancy” To Board President’s Political Opponent

James Rickert is running against long-time Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District board president Brenda Haynes in response to what he says is mismanagement by the district’s current elected leadership. After the federal government drastically cut water allocations to the district, the board made the controversial decision to sell all of the district’s remaining water. Rickert says the board’s recent offer of a consulting position was intended to dissuade him from running against Haynes, who has held her seat on the board since 2001. The board’s closed session vote to offer the consultancy to Rickert appears to violate California transparency law.

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