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The area now known as Shasta County consists of the ancestral lands and waterways of a dense population of Indigenous communities including the Nor-El-Muk Wintu Nation, the Redding Rancheria,  the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, the Wintu Tribe of Northern California and the Pit River Tribe.  Understanding local Native peoples’ histories, traditional ecological knowledges, and world views are essential to forging our community’s future.  We are committed to comprehensive and thoughtful coverage of Indigenous communities and perspectives.

Local Tribe Uses Legal Brief To Argue For More Just and Equitable Water Stewardship

The brief has been submitted as part of an appeal in a case that addresses California’s entrenched water rights system, which prioritizes those who claimed water first, sometimes at the expense of those who need it most. The Winnemem Wintu Tribe argue the current system harms not only California waterways but also tribes, who’ve been historically excluded from claiming water rights.

Latest in News: Indigenous Affairs

Turtle Bay and Other Stakeholders Make Plan to Deter Further Looting of Wintu Graves

After a local Native educator interrupted two men allegedly looting Wintu burial sites near the Turtle Bay area of Redding last month, key stakeholders met with Wintu representatives and say they’ve developed a plan to deter future grave robbing. The Redding Police department first received a report about the incident on November 20 and are still investigating.

Local Native Educator Interrupts Grave Robbing of Wintu Burials at Turtle Bay

The incident occurred a little over a week ago, just a few days before Wintu people and leaders expressed opposition to a riverfront development proposal, in part due to fears it would disturb the graves of their ancestors. Turtle Bay Exploration Park staff say they already have measures in place to protect Native burial sites but they’re discussing how to improve their processes.
Indigenous Peoples gather in circle on green lawn at sunrise

“You Cannot Sell What Is Not Yours”: Indigenous Peoples Say Their Voices Should Be Central in Riverfront Discussions

Native people presented a united front against selling riverfront land to private developers at Thursday’s Redding City Council riverfront development workshop. They invoked their responsibility to protect their homelands and the remains of their ancestors and pledged to prevent further erasure.
Native woman with facial markings on chin stands by a cemetery sign

American Indian Advisory in Shasta County Leads the Way in Statewide Education Reform for Native Students

Shasta County Office of Education’s American Indian Advisory played a pivotal role in new legislation that provides excused absences for California students attending Native cultural ceremonies and events. The bill, sponsored by Assembly member Megan Dahle, addresses one of the primary causes of Native student’s chronically high rates of absenteeism.

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