Doug Craig

Doug Craig’s monthly Op-Ed column for Shasta Scout explores the nexus of group, truth, bias and climate from a psychological perspective.

Doug's Latest Articles

Healing the Hate Before it’s Too Late

The basics of healing the harrowing hatred harming our nation are not difficult to describe, although actually implementing these steps will require a fundamental resetting of our collective orientation to one another and ourselves.

The Problem of Polarization

“Whichever side we find ourselves on, our innate group identifications arise from the same place: “our intuitive binary instinct that allows us to classify others as ‘us’ or ‘them’ in a fraction of a second.”

How We Got Here

The real story is how we are ready to trust and follow our hot emotions rather than our cool intellect in our quest to find our core identity in our political tribe and defend it with our lives, if necessary, regardless of the cost.

Our Children Are Watching Us

Three weeks after the Carr Fire devastated Redding, 4,000 miles away in Stockholm, Sweden, a small 15-year-old girl named Greta skipped school.

Time to Wake Up

It has always been ignorance of climate change that is our true enemy, not our changing climate.

The End of the World as We Know It

We are all asleep until the smell of smoke awakens us . . . we cannot save ourselves and our children unless everyone is awake to the crisis we all collectively face.

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