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Annelise Pierce is Shasta Scout’s Editor and a Community Reporter covering government accountability, civic engagement, and local religious and political movements.

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black and white planning map showing Redding's riverfront area

Council Considers Updating Redding’s Thirty Year Old Riverfront Plan 

Redding’s riverfront development was last planned decades ago before the Sundial Bridge, Turtle Bay Museum or the Redding Arboretum existed. Funding an update to the 30 year-old plan would be the city’s first step in deciding how to utilize riverfront land after the council voted against declaring the land surplus last month. The city could take advantage of $1 million or more in federal COVID relief money to fund the planning process.
Handmade poster reads "who is this Ramstrom supporter?"

Public Health Caught Up In National Mistrust Of Government and Science, Ramstrom Says 

Shasta County’s Public Health Officer is facing possible dismissal by county supervisors. Shasta Scout interviewed her after she released a public statement Friday saying she has received no specific information that her job performance has been unsatisfactory. Ramstrom has been the focus of public complaints about county COVID restrictions over the last two years.
a scale showing emotion weighing more than rationality

Shasta Scout Explains . . . Misinformation

Do we have the power to slow the spread of misinformation? As part of our central commitment to building healthier communities and a stronger democracy, Shasta Scout explains why we’re all susceptible to “information disorder” . . . and how we can fight back.

Public Riverfront Land Will Remain in Public Hands . . . For Now

Redding’s City Council voted to utilize funds to begin a city-led planning process instead of declaring prime riverfront properties “surplus.” The vote followed months of discussion, public workshops, and community surveys about public land close to the Sundial Bridge. The land issue has provoked significant community conversations about who represents a city stakeholder and how local government engages the community in planning and decisions.
the sacramento river at sunset, with a kayak in distance

Environmental Groups Say City Must Conduct Environmental Review Before Declaring Riverfront Land “Surplus”

The Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on whether to “surplus” approximately 45 acres of land including the Redding Rodeo grounds and Redding Civic Auditorium grounds in preparation for a potential sale. Legal Counsel for three local environmental groups say doing so would violate the California Environmental Quality Act and be inconsistent with the city’s own General Plan.
bottles of Covid Vaccine

 COVID Explained: What’s VAERS?

Those who oppose the use of COVID-19 vaccines frequently cite data from VAERS, a federal vaccine harm reporting system. But while VAERS data can provide an important early warning of potential vaccine harm, raw data from the system can’t show us whether a vaccine is actually unsafe.
river with several small fishing boats

Council Will Reconsider Whether To Declare Key Riverfront Land Surplus

After a break of several months, Redding council members will again discuss whether several key parcels at the Redding riverfront should be declared surplus, paving the way for the land to be sold to a consortium of developers and non-profits. If the properties are declared surplus, the city must first make them available to affordable housing developers and a list of public entities that includes ten local tribes, before they could be sold to the consortium.
a yellow book set on top of a maroon backpack with vintage boy scout badges

People-Powered Elections Coverage

Our monthly Open Notebooks updates are a way for us to invite you into the journalistic process and encourage your collaboration in the news. It’s our goal that the Notebooks help you to see us as we really are so you’ll see that journalists are not the enemies of the people, we are just people, trying to make sense of this complex and confounding world. Just like you.
interior of county building with three men sitting in chairs by an American flag and large powerpoint image behind them showing wagon wheel style building

Sheriff And County Executives Announce Plan For $120 Million Jail Facility; Critical Details are Still Scarce

The “hub and spoke” style facility would include rehabilitation services integrated within a large county detention facility. The plan is designed to provide increased accountability for those who are unhoused or facing mental health or substance use issues within the county, top leaders said. Supervisors were divided on the approach but expressed interest in learning more at future meetings.

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